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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Sue and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary today. We had a great lunch at Cinzetti’s restaurant. Forty-two years can go by in a hurry. We feel quite smug about the fact that we survived that long in one marriage, since we know few people who have. Actually, it took a lot of work, give-and-take, caring, and tolerance, but it was certainly worth it. I doubt we would change much of it at all, if we had it all to do again.

This afternoon, we worked some more on the turtle collection. Looks like we have the inventory just about straightened out, with only two or three items missing from the display cabinet (tiny earrings or stickpins). Close enough. Sue will finish the scrapbook/notebook soon.

I’ve been on the PC and Internet quite a bit this afternoon, commenting on blogs and on BGG. I also posted a BGG GeekList regarding our anniversary and gave away two GeekGold to the first person who correctly guessed the number of years we’ve been married. Light fun.

We’re working to pare down the number of movies to keep in our collection. From over 800, we are now down to about 450 on the “keeper” list, and we may reduce it further. It is likely that some of the older VHS recordings will not be of good enough quality (such as bad tracking) to make it worthwhile to copy to DVD. In those cases, I’ll watch for new opportunities to record them again or may decide to purchase commercial replacements on DVD for some that I really, really like.

Haven’t done any reading today, but might this evening. It has been a nice, calm day.


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