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Saturday, January 28, 2006

So What's the Deal Here?

Our family thoroughly enjoys playing games almost every Saturday, and we also like to keep records of who wins the games and how well each person finishes in each game. We have been keeping the records for five years this month.

So far this year (the month of January), Sue has won 4 games, our daughter has won 3 games, our granddaughter has won 1 game, and until today, no male member of the family had won any games. Our grandson won a game today, to break the pattern. This is most unusual for us. Generally, our son wins about half the games we play, while our son-in-law and I are usually next in order (although our daughter has been at the same level as me for a while).

Today, we played one game for the first time --
Through the Desert, one game for the second time -- Boomtown, one game for the fourth time – Around the World in 80 Days, and one game that we play a lot -- Carcassonne. Now, my son-in-law and I have played Through the Desert online and enjoyed it very much. So, today we were teaching the game to the rest of the family, but he finished 4th and I finished 3rd out of five players (our daughter won the game). Now what’s up with that?!

Sue won Boomtown, barely beating our daughter. Our daughter won Around the World in 80 Days, and our grandson won Carcassonne by a large margin.

Wait – it gets worse (for me) – in the four games we played, I finished 3rd in Through the Desert and dead last in the other three games! But, I’m the game geek here. I research the games, exchange information with other game geeks, and study the game reviews, session reports, and strategy papers. I buy the games that I think the family will enjoy playing, and I’m losing terribly?! What’s the deal here?

Well, I really don’t mind. I am enjoying playing the games so much, especially trying the new ones we just acquired; we all have a great time together; and it is really neat to see Sue, our daughter, our granddaughter, and our grandson winning. I’m not really upset about losing so badly today, because I know I’ll win some during the year, and it’s the fun of playing that I’m after, anyway. And that’s not just rationalization on my part (at least, I don’t think so).

Boardgames and card games are a great hobby, and our family certainly gets a lot of enjoyment from playing them together.


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